A9 ZMaster ASIC Available to Help Zcash Decentralization

Innosilicon is the industry leader in designing and manufacturing specialized cryptography ASICs that are required for Proof-of-Work blockchains such as Bitcoin, ZCash, Litecoin, Decred and other leading digital currencies.

The new A9 Zmaster ASIC (also referred to as A9 Zmaster) is a simple to use, highly optimized GPU like ASIC hardware designed specifically for the purpose of the equihash with the highest power efficiency to-date. It is developed in the most advanced process nodes with very innovative architecture and low power consumption. A9 Zmaster is highly integrated GPU like solution using very few external components. It is extremely easy to use and easy to deploy in large scale with low cost.

With sophisticated on chip ADC and dynamic temperature and frequency scaling for highly reliable performance under all conditions, the A9 Zmaster has operation modes from low power to over clock high performance through adjustment of PLL output clock frequency and/or in combination with voltage adjustment. It is up to the miner manufacturers to decide what speed and power efficiency they design the miners for and/or whether it is configurable.

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Download: A9 Zmaster ASIC Datasheet Brief


A9 Zcash ASIC Specifications
  • Custom developed large scale GPU ASIC chip on advanced process using low power techniques for best efficiency with up to 1375 sol/s per chip with only 16W
  • Custom flipchip IC package for lowest IR drop and high current feeding
  • Configurable in SPI daisy chain for up to 128 ASICs under one MCU control
  • Standard SPI interface with CS pin needed to enclose all useful SDI and SDO data
  • Flexibility to configure the PLL clock and computation performance
  • Built-in dynamic frequency/temperature scaling & high precision on chip monitoring ADC/sensor for reliability protection and automatic performance adjustment for maximized performance
  • Built-in chip self tests and on the fly debug modes
  • Regular top and bottom heat sinks plus fan cooling